ADDTabz Role as an Effective Smart Pill


ADDTabz is one of several new brands of supplements that are indirectly marketing themselves as an alternative for Adderall, a drug prescribed for the treatment and management of narcolepsy and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The popularity of Adderall however, can be partly, if not mostly, attributed to the fact that it is one of the widely used recreational drugs that is abused especially by students for its psychostimulating effects. The drug has been banned in major US sporting leagues such as the NBA, MLB, and NFL.

It will almost seem naïve to assume that nootropic supplements like ADDTabz, is not using the popularity of Adderall as a recreational drug as a marketing ploy. The use of ADD alone is a dead giveaway. Apart from packaging itself as an Adderall alternative, it also markets itself as a “smart pill,” or a cognitive enhancer.

ADDTabzThe website claims that ADDTabz helps improve memory and learning abilities, enhance the user’s “cognitive ability,” improves the user’s brain function, and reduces the user’s anxiety. This brand is another product of Gentech Pharmaceutical, a company that has earned the notoriety of manufacturing Adderall knockoffs. Gentech has also been known to make knockoffs of substances with high abuse potential in the past like Phentabz, which is easily an allusion to the banned phen-phen compound that was extensively used in the past as a weight-loss supplement.

One look at the brand’s website and one can easily get overwhelmed by the bold claims made by the company about the effectiveness of ADDZTabz. The website appeared to be bent on using every borderline legal marketing strategy in the book to seal the deal and consummate the sale. There is no shortage of made-up terms and verbiage to make everything on the website to look legit. However, the website has the appearance of a fly-by-night retailing websites just out to make quick sale.

As for the components and effectiveness of ADDZTabz, it is quite a task to look for a detailed list of its supplement facts, no pictures, no features without the marketing hype, no nothing. This means that the company has very skilled SEO experts. Of the few forums discussing the product (often with much disdain), it would seem that its main components are Ampheta-CDP, which is clearly a just a made up word just like Ampheta-HCI; and CDP choline. The Ampheta-CDP in reality is just 1,3-dimethylamine (DMAA) and CDP-choline.

For anyone who is seriously looking for a nootropic, ADDTabz is easily one of those that don’t even merit your consideration. While CDP choline has been clinically proven to enhance cognitive performance, the price at which the ADDZTabz is being peddled around is so grossly overpriced. At a much lesser cost, one can easily create a far more potent and effective nootropic stack. Just so it is clear in this review, ADDZTabz is nowhere near being an alternative to Adderall.


  • They have pictures of pretty girls on their website.
  • Their website looks awesome.
  • Their website has pictures of legitimate looking laboratories.
  • They have a good SEO and online marketing team.


  • It is way too expensive.
  • It makes bold but unsubstantiated claims that sound too scammy.
  • It definitely will not work as well as cheaper nootropics.
  • You might get conned into buying the product if you lingered to long on their website.

Quite obviously, the website and the company is only out to make a quick buck off unwitting browsers. If you are new to suing cognitive enhancing agents it will be a good idea to do a little research on nootopics and join forums in order to get tips from more experienced nootropic users.

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