Alpha Brain – A Complete Balanced Nootropic for Mental Drive


Alpha Brain is easily one of the more popular brands of pre-formulated cognitive enhancement stacks available today. It is also one of the top selling nootropic stacks in the market today. The popularity of Alpha Brain however, can be attributed in part to its sound internet marketing strategy, which involves eye catching visuals and graphics, popular endorsers, and well-crafted sales pitches.

On the surface, it would indeed seem as if the Alpha Brain nootropic stack was a novel, if not an innovative idea. While there are a few other promising new entrants to the supplemental nootropic stack scene like Epiphany D1, Alpha Brain seems to have established quite a foothold as the top selling nootropic supplements available.

Alpha Brain is one of the flagship supplement products by Onnit Labs. Founded in 2010 in Austin, Texas, Onnit Labs specializes in health and wellness products. The company’s products include supplements for mood stabilization, physical performance, immune response enhancement, and for testosterone boosting. Onnit also sells fitness equipment like kettle bells, zombie bells, steel maces and clubs, battle ropes, pull-up bars, jump ropes, and weighted vests. As of this writing the company does most of its selling online.

The company’s website claims that Alpha Brain is a ‘complete balanced nootropic,’ promising an improved focus, mental drive, and even lucid dreaming experience.  While most of the content on the company’s website may appear to be very convincing to individuals with little experience with nootropics, long-time and experienced users of cognitive enhancers can easily recognize the marketing fluff at first glance.

Alpha Brain

Onnit claims that Alpha Brain contains all-natural ingredients and this appears to be the case when you look at the label of the supplement. This may look appealing but, one can start to question the price at which the product is sold considering that the ingredients are relatively cheap. This topic will be further expounded on later. Apart from the AC-11 component, the Alpha Brain stack appears to be focused on increasing the choline levels in the brain, which is actually a good thing.

Choline is a precursor of acetylcholine, which is an important neurotransmitter in the brain responsible for most of its cognitive processes like memory retention and recall, deductive reasoning, and learning ability. The main ingredients of Alpha Brain include Alpha GPC, which is arguably the one of the best choline supplements around, and Huperzine A, which complements Alpha GPC by ensuring that the acetylcholine produced by the choline component does not get degraded.

To make the long story short, Alpha Brain stack does seem to be as good idea. However, as with most commercially available stacks, the amount of the most important ingredients in Alpha Brain is below the recommended daily dose. The recommended dosage for Alpha GPC for example is set at around 300 to 500mg daily or more, whereas Alpha Brain contains only 100mg of it. What is even more interesting that the supposed ‘primary ingredient,’ AC-11, is simply just Cat’s Claw, which has very little contribution if any, to cognitive enhancement.


  1. It has natural ingredients.
  2. It shows promise as cholinergic nootropic stack.
  3. It is ideal for beginners who don’t know how to stack their cognitive enhancers.
  4. It can also be stacked with your existing nootropic stacks.
  5. It can work well with acetylcholine activators.


  1. It is expensive.
  2. The amount of the ingredients per serving is below the recommended dosages.
  3. It will not appeal to experienced nootropic users.
  4. It effects may not be as potent as claimed by the company.

A bottle of Alpha Brain with 90 capsules for a six-week supplementation are being sold online on the upwards of $70. Given that the amount of ingredients per serving is quite limited and below the dosages that are recommended, supplementing with Alpha Brain can be quite an expensive a less than less than ideal practice. A better and cheaper alternative would be to buy the primary ingredients separately (minus the Cat’s Claw) and create your own nootropic stack.

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