Alpha GPC Making Brain’s Cognitive Process Much More Efficient


It will be almost impossible to discuss choline supplements without mentioning Alpha GPC. For some even, Alpha GPC along with citicholine are the only choline supplements that matter.  The effectiveness of Alpha GPC as a choline supplement has been proven in studies and its effect as a cognitive enhancer has earned this supplement a lot of believers and proponents.

Alpha GPC, or Alpha glycerophosphocholine, is considered to be one of the best choline supplements around. Other choline supplements like choline bitartrate and choline citrate pales in comparison to Alpha GPC as far as bioavailability and effectiveness is concerned. It is so effective that unlike cheaper supplements, one can experience an improvement in their cognitive processes even if you were to take Alpha GPC on its own.

Categorized as a cholinergic compound, Alpha GPC works by supplying the brain with choline, which is an acetylcholine precursor. Acetylcholine is an important neurotransmitter responsible for the brain’s cognitive processes. The more choline in the brain translates to more of this neurotransmitter, making the brain’s cognitive processes much more efficient. While other choline supplements like choline citrate and choline bitartrate may also supply the brain with choline, their effectiveness as a supplement hardly comes close to Alpha GPC in terms of speed and efficiency of delivery.

ALPHA-GPCThe strengths of Alpha-GPC choline supplement are its high concentration of choline and its very efficient way of delivering choline to the brain. While CDP-choline or citicholine also have concentrated amounts of choline, Alpha GPC has a slightly higher concentration and a higher bioavailability. It is also believed that this choline supplement has a longer half-life. Alpha GPC has a different pathway of delivering choline into the brain.

Even when taken on its own and not as part of a stack, numerous studies have shown proof that Alpha GPC supplementation can result in cognitive enhancement in levels that are clinically significant. Alpha GPC can increase the potency of a nootropic stack, especially if used in conjunctions with racetams. Users of Alpha GPC report positive nootropic effects such as improved memory retention and recall, heightened sensory perception, increased ability to learn new things, enhanced logical reasoning, and better verbal and communication skills.

People who supplement with choline are almost unanimous in saying that Alpha GPC is expensive. While some may argue that its effectiveness makes it a good investment in the long run, its price, which is easily at least five times more expensive than other choline supplements, is a bit too steep. Some users report that stopping Alpha GPC supplementation causes a reversal of its nootropic effects. Among its other side effects include heartburn, disturbed sleep patterns, insomnia, diarrhea, light-headedness, and anxiety.


  1. It may be the best choline supplement.
  2. It can be taken by itself and still be able to trigger cognitive enhancement.
  3. It has a very efficient choline supplement.
  4. It works well with other nootropic supplements.


  1. Expensive.
  2. May cause dependence.
  3. Stopping supplementation may cause impairment of cognitive processes.
  4. It has its own share of negative effects.

Due to the efficient delivery system of Alpha GPC, minimal dosing may be enough for its nootropic properties to take effect. The typical daily dose recommended for Alpha GPC is set at 200 to 500mg. If taken with potent racetams, more Alpha GPC may be required to prevent the occurrence of headaches and dizziness caused by the racetams. Although Alpha GPC is a GRAS certified drug, it will be best to consult with medical professionals before starting with its supplementation. Alpha GPC may also decrease the effectiveness of scopolamine and other drugs that inhibit acetylcholine.

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