Nootropic Properties of PEPA

PEPA medicine

PEPA, which is short for 4-[2-(Phenylsulphonylamino)ethylthio]-2,6-difluorophenoxyacetamide, is an investigational new medicine being studied for its potential as treatment for neurological and psychological disorders. It is a sulfonylamino compound that is classified as an ampakine based on its mechanism of action. PEPA induces positive improvements to the cognitive processes of the brain by modulating the AMPA […]

Brain Stimulating Effect of Ampakine CX-516


CX-516 is the company code given to an ampakine compound developed by Cortex Pharmaceuticals and collaboration with Shire Plc and Servier. Ampakines, which are positive allosteric modulators of AMPA glutameric receptors, are one of the more potent nootropic compounds available. Ampakines, like the cx-516 shows promise in clinical tests done on laboratory rats. Most of […]

CX-546 Ampakine for Better Antipsychotic Reactions in the Brain


CX-546 is the company code given for an ampakine compound by its developer, Cortex Pharmaceuticals. This compound comes right at the heels of cx-516, another ampakine compound that showed much promise as a treatment for ADHD during animal trials, but proved to be disappointing when it was tested on humans. This time around, the studies […]

CX-614 Ampakine, Effective and Potent Cognitive Enhancer


CX-614 is the company code given to an ampakine research chemical developed by Cortex Pharmaceuticals. It is the third type of ampakine released by the pharmaceutical company right after cx-516 and cx-546. CX614 has been the subject of numerous clinical studies that are exploring its potential as treatment for neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease […]

Potential of Ampakine CX-717 as a Cognitive Enhancer

CX 717

CX-717 is the company code given to the ampakine developed by Cortex Pharmaceuticals. It is the most recent and perhaps the most promising of all the ampakines developed by the pharmaceutical company. The cx-717 is the fourth ampakine to come from Cortex after cx-516, cx-546, and cx-614. This ampakine has so far shown very strong […]