Brain AntiOxidant Stack Synergy

As counterintuitive as it may seem, one of the most vital elements to proper brain functioning is also one of the primary culprits in brain decline. Oxygen, as necessary as it is to our mental and physical functioning is also highly caustic, resulting in a condition known as oxidative stress. There are a number of […]

Ginseng – A Powerful Antioxidant & Natural Energy Supplement

Ginseng is perhaps one of the most recognizable supplements around. Products supposedly containing ginseng abound in supermarket shelves and health specialty stores in the form of beverages, food supplements, food additives, topical creams, and even in soaps. So many claims have been thrown around about its therapeutic properties that its true health benefits have become […]

Efficacy of Ginko Biloba as a Cognitive Enhancer

Ginko biloba, particularly the extracts from its leaves, has been part of ancient Chinese medicine for centuries. Long before modern science have started to study its pharmaceutical and nootropic properties, ancient Chinese medicine has been prescribing ginko biloba in combination with ginseng and gotu kola as a tonic for cognitive decline, and for blood circulation […]

Natural Effects of Bacopa Monnieri on Memory

Although bacopa monnieri is one of the lesser-known herbal supplements in the market, it is fairly well-known in the nootropic community. This is especially true for those who prefer all-natural cognitive enhancers or for users who include bacopa monnieri in their nootropic stacks. While it is only gaining popularity recently as a cognitive enhancer, it […]

Rhodiola Rosea – An Adaptogen Nootropic for Memory & Energy

Rhodiola rosea is plant member of the Crassulaceae family that grows mostly in cold northern regions of the world in the continents of Asia, Europe, and North America. Also known as golden root, Aaron’s rod, and rose root, this plant has long been part of ancient human medical practices, even being referenced by Dioscorides, a […]