Nooglutyl – A Better Nootropic for Memory Creation and Retention


Nooglutyl, or Nooglutil, N-5-[oxynicotinoyl]-L-glutamic acid, ONK-10, OHK-10, is an experimental compound recently developed in Russia at the Research Institute of Pharmacology, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. It is currently classified by researchers as a nootropic agent. Nooglutyl is currently being investigated for its potential as treatment and management for a variety of neurological and psychological […]

Experience Cognitive Performance with Picamilon


Picamilon is a compound that is formed with the combination of niacin (Vitamin B3) and GABA (γ-Aminobutyric acid). It is being widely sold both as a prescription drug in Russia where it was originally and as a dietary supplement. In Russia, Picamilon is prescribed for a variety of medical conditions and some of these include […]

Semax to Help People Suffering from Cognitive Decline


Semax is one of the very few drugs that are specifically prescribed for cognitive enhancement. While it is also being prescribed for a variety of neurological and psychological conditions, its effects are aimed at improving the cognitive processes of the brain, and these include memory enhancement, logical reasoning, learning skills, and communication skills. Developed in […]

Selank: An Anxiolytic and an Antidepressant


Selank is yet another drug that was developed in Russia with cognitive enhancing properties that is generating positive buzz in online communities of nootropic users. Based on initial studies, Selank has shown very effective anxiolytic and nootropic properties. The drug is being eyed for the treatment and management of anxiety disorders and depression. Along with […]

Phenotropil Review: A Better Cognitive Enhancer


Phenotropil is one of the brand names under which the nootropic drug, phenylpiracetam is sold. Phenotropil is estimated to be approximately 30 to 60 times more potent than piracetam. It is also one of the more popular racetams used not only for cognitive enhancement, but to improve physical performance as well. Competitive athletes and fitness […]