Fasoracetam and its Cognition Enhancing Properties


Fasoracetam is a lesser known member of the famous racetam family of nootropic drugs. Coming from the racetam family of nootropics, you would expect it to catch the attention of nootropics enthusiasts naturally – and it has not disappointed in this respect. Its structure shares a pyrollidine nucleus like it is the case with all the other racetams. As expected, this drug is safe and efficacious in enhancing the memory of an individual.

How does it work?

This drug works by modulating the cyclic adenosine monophosphate which is a secondary messenger essential in many biological reactions within the body. This way it can be utilized in the treatment of cognitive deficiencies since it stimulates the opening and closing of HCN channels in the brain. Hence, it can be used to enhance the cognitive capabilities of ageing people.

Furthermore, the drug fasoracetam also enhances the uptake of choline owing to its high affinity for it. It works much like another racetam drug called the coluracetam. It acts as a positive modulator of these cholinergic receptors which in return increase the receptors’ cognitive functions.

In addition to the above receptors, the fasoracetam also binds to GABA receptors. Numerous reports have indicated the existence of excitatory GABA receptors. One would assume that these are the receptors that this drug binds to. Hence, this nootropic drug can improve cognitive functions this way too.

FasoracetamAccording to a study, fasoracetam, known as NS-105 in the academic parlance, has the ability to stimulate glutamate receptors that are metabotropic. This enhances both learning and memory actions of the brain. You should, therefore, expect to increase your intelligence by around 30 per cent.

Therefore, we can say that fasoracetam works on three target receptors to achieve the same results. First, it works on the choline neurotransmitter by improving its receptor activity. Then, secondly it elicits the increase of the GABA receptors.Thirdly, it works on the glutamate receptors as well. All of these phenomena work in tandem to enhance the cognitive capabilities of patients.

What you should expect

People respond differently to this drug. While other people will experience the beneficial effects of this drug almost immediately, others may have to wait. Noticeable effects from this drug may be felt fairly quickly in other people depending on how quickly the receptors respond to the drug’s presence in the body.

Also, it is a nootropic racetam that is very potent. You should expect a quick action if you have taken it. You start enjoying its benefits invariably instantly. So it is good for people who want quick results.

In general terms, the ramifications of this drug will vary according to a person. There are those that experience the benefits almost immediately while others will take a while. However, at the end of the day, everybody will be stimulated positively by the drug.

Common benefits of fasoracetam

  • Enhances the memory
  • Increases learning ability
  • It is a potent anti-depressant
  • Increased focus

Common cons of fasoracetam

  • It shares the common contraindications of racetams.
  • Expensive
  • It’s not easily available
  • It’s still a novel drug
  • Not much data is available to augment claims by its users.

Due to the scanty nature of the information available, it’s very hard to determine the appropriate dosage for the drug. Some people go with 100 mg orally while some will use 10mg sublingually. This has put people into an awkward position. However, whatever the dose you decide to take, be sure to experience nootropic effects. It’s also notable that if you take a large dose of this drug, it will provoke a very strong antidepressant effect.

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