Fluorenol- Is it the Alternative to Modafinil?


Fluorenol belongs to a class of drugs known as Eugeroics. These are stimulants that produce long lasting mental arousal leading to wakefulness. The idea behind the production of these drugs is to enhance alertness without necessarily eliciting the peripheral body effects or better yet the abuse/tolerance/ addiction of the customary stimulants. And Fluorenol is no different.

This drug is an alcohol derivative of fluorine. Its hydroxyl group is placed between its two benzene rings on the bridging carbon. Oxidation process can be used to convert the hydroxyfluorene to fluorenone. This compound is not carcinogenic neither is it toxic to humans. Thus, a study was carried out by Chemists working for Cephalon (a bio-pharmaceutical company), ostensibly to come up with a drug that would succeed Modafinil, the anti-narcolepsy drug.

Interestingly, the study reported that the prescription drug Modafinil only possessed a few active metabolites, and one of them was 9-fluorenol. Besides, the 9- fluorenol was reported to have an efficacy of 39 percent more than the modafinil drug alone.

FluorenolMoreover, the drug functions by weakly inhibiting the reuptake of dopamine. Reportedly, it is weaker than modafinil since it has an inhibitory concentration- the amount of concentration required for a drug to inhibit a given biological process-( IC50) of 9M. It is remarkably fifty-nine per cent weaker than modafinil despite it being the stronger eugeroic (wakefulness promoting agent) drug. However, this weakness is a blessing in disguise since it makes it less addictive compared to the prescription drug modafinil.

Its affinity for the enzyme cytochrome p450 2C19 is non-existent. On the other hand, modafinil has been shown to have an affinity for the enzyme. This enzyme is part of the complex cytochrome P450 mixed function oxidase system.

Fluorenol has also been retailing rather cheaply compared to modafinil. Its price ranges from USD 10 t0 USD 100 per kilogram. Compare that to the price of Modafinil, which ranges from USD 428.45 for a 100mg tablet containing 30 tablets to USD 614.75 for a 200 mg modafinil containing 30 tablets as well. Those figures are astronomical and therefore unaffordable to many people. This further reinforces the notion that fluorenol may be modanifil’s substitute, not only from the pharmacological perspective, from an economic point of view.

The Pros of Fluorenol

  • It is cheap hence affordable
  • It is not addictive
  • It is not carcinogenic
  • It is not toxic to humans

The Cons of Fluorenol

  • It is still new so we do not know of its effects in the long-term
  • It’s not been tested enough in animals
  • It’s still contentious

The information about this drug is scanty owing to the fact that not much research has been done about it. Subsequently, not much has equally been written about the drug. However, from the little that has been done so far, it’s quite clear that this drug is a much better option than modafinil.

Therefore, if you feel like staying awake fluorenol is available to you at a cheaper and affordable price.

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