Popularity of Hordenine + PEA Combination for Cognitive Enhancement


The Hordenine + PEA is one of the commonly used stacks by users who want a boost in physical and mental energy, and for mood stabilization. These two compounds also used as part of nootropic stacks for cognitive enhancement. The popularity of Hordenine + PEA combination may be partly attributed to the fact that this stack is able to induce euphoria at varying intensities. The euphoria produced by this stack is often referred to as a “legal high” for users who are taking it for recreational purposes. This supplement combination is favorite among health and fitness enthusiasts who often take it along with their other pre-workout supplement stacks.

HordenineHordenine is an alkaloid that is present in several plant species, with barley being its most notable naturally occurring source. This alkaloid was reportedly first extracted in the late 1800s from a cactus variety. As a dietary supplement, Hordenine has been around for quite some time. It has become almost a standard for weight loss supplements, particularly the thermogenic fat burners, to include Hordenine in their blend. Manufacturers of such weight loss supplements claim that Hordenine can help convert stored fat into usable energy by the body. There is no firm evidence, however, to back up this claim.

In laboratory tests conducted on rats, Hordenine was observed to have inhibiting properties against the monoamine oxidase B-type enzyme (MAO). This enzyme degrades serotonin and dopamine in the brain. Dopamine and serotonin are neuroendocrine transmitters in the brain that is responsible for stabilizing mood. These two neurotransmitters are often referred to as the “feel good” neurotransmitters.

PEA is short for phenylethylamine, is a monoamine alkaloid that is widely distributed in the plant and animal kingdoms. This alkaloid is known for having psychotropic and stimulatory effects. High doses of PEA is reported to cause euphoria and what can be described as a “high,” albeit briefly. PEA is believed to have the stronger and more significant nootropic abilities in the Hordenine-phenylethylamine stack. When taken on its own, PEA has been known to enhance focus and concentration. It also has been observed to have anxiolytic and antidepressant properties. Some users also report of having increased confidence and becoming more sociable when supplementing with PEA.

phenylethylamineThe effects of PEA such as its stimulatory and psychotropic properties, as well as its ability to greatly improve focus, concentration, and alertness has been observed to last much longer when it is taken together with a good MAO inhibitor. The ability of Hordenine to stop the production of MAO potentiates the unique abilities of PEA. The combination of these two supplements is also a good addition to pre-workout supplements as it can effectively raise the heart rate through the stimulatory effects of PEA.

While this combination may appear to be good, its supplementation does have a couple of drawbacks. Both Hordenine and PEA are known to have poor bioavailability, which means that some of the effects reported by users may just be placebo. Users who have tried taking an inordinate amount of PEA did report of experiencing a “high” that lasted only for 30 minutes. Hordenine and PEA also have a very short half-life as evidenced by the fact that the effects of this combination dissipates after only a few hours.


  1. This combination potentiates their abilities and effects.
  2. It can give you a boost in physical and mental energy.
  3.  It can enhance your focus and concentration.
  4. It makes for a good addition to pre-workout supplement stacks.
  5. It helps give you a more balanced and positive mood.


  1. Its effects will last only a few hours.
  2. Both these alkaloids have poor bioavailability.
  3. They both have a short half-life.
  4. The stack has an abuse potential.
  5. One can develop a tolerance for this stack.

The daily recommended doses for the Hordenine + PEA stack is set at 30 milligrams of Hordenine, taken with 500 milligrams of PEA, preferably taken earlier in the day. As with other supplements, it will be best to first consult your doctor before starting supplementation with Hordenine + PEA.

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