Noopept and Sunifiram: Properties, Benefits, and Disadvantages


As far as nootropics are concerned Noopept and Sunifiram are widely regarded as two of the most potent smart drugs available today. Both of these compounds are touted to be 1,000 times stronger than Piracetam, the first ever nootropic ever synthesized. Noopept and Sunifiram are also fast acting, with its effects being immediately noticeable shortly after they have been self-administered. This property of these two smart drugs is unlike most racetams that take a couple days before their mild and subtle nootropic effects can be noticed.

Noopept and Sunifiram are two of the more recent nootropics that were developed. Their structure may be different, but their cognitive enhancing effects are similar. Just like most smart drugs, the exact mechanism of action of Noopept and Sunifiram are not yet fully determined. This however, is not stopping people from using these smart drugs either as a therapeutic management for neurodegenerative conditions or as a means to improve their cognitive functions.

Given the potency of both these smart drugs, most nootropic users often compare the effects of these two compounds. Understandably, there are those who prefer one over the other for some reason. Let us look at these two powerful nootropic drugs and see how these two measures up against the other.


NOOPEPTThis nootropic compound was developed in Russia where it was patented in 1995. It quickly gained popularity in the country and in Europe where it was prescribed primarily as a smart drug and as means of managing cognitive decline due to old age. Noopept has a similar structure to racetams because it is a peptide derivative of this family of nootropics. This is perhaps also the same reason why most users of Noopept often comment on the similarity of its effects to Piracetam, but at a more intense level.  This smart drug share the common weakness among peptides and that is poor bioavailability when administered via the oral route.

The following are the properties, benefits, and disadvantages of Noopept.


  1. It is much more potent than racetams.
  2. Requires only small dosages to be effective.
  3. Its effects can be felt right after administration.
  4. It has been observed to have positive effects on memory, learning abilities, concentration, and focus.
  5. It has neuroprotective properties.
  6. Most users say that it doesn’t seem to have a tolerance threshold.
  7. It is widely available.
  8. It is cheaper than Sunifiram.
  9. It is widely available.
  10. It is effective for both healthy and cognitively impaired individuals.


  1. It has poor bioavailability when taken orally.
  2. It shares the same but more intense side effects as racetams.
  3. It has an edgy stimulating effect.
  4. It has been known to cause brain fog.
  5. It has been observed to decrease motivation.


Sunifiram is a more recent smart drug compared to Noopept, having been developed in the early 2000s. Like Noopept, it is being touted as being exponentially more potent than Piracetam with effects that are noticeable within a short time after administration. Most users of this nootropic say that it is the closest real world equivalent of the “clear pill”, a fictional smart drug portrayed in the movie “Limitless,” which gave its users superhuman cognitive abilities. Its users claim that Sunifiram can greatly enhance the cognitive processes like memory, focus, attention, and learning abilities. These effects are said to be longer lasting compared to other nootropics. Unfortunately though, some of its users also claim that it also has a good number of side effects that are quite unpleasant.

The following are the known properties, benefits, and disadvantages of Piracetam.


  1. It is much more potent than racetams
  2. Dosage requirements are small.
  3. It is widely available.
  4. Its cognitive enhancing effects are very intense.
  5. It is effective for most types of users.
  6. Its effects are longer lasting


  1. It is more expensive than Noopept.
  2. Most users develop a tolerance for it.
  3. Larger dosage will have the exact opposite effects.
  4. The side effects common to most nootropics are more intense.

It must be noted that both Noopept and Sunifiram have very little data available on human supplementation. These two smart drugs are not recommended for those who have little experience with supplementing with nootropics. Although Noopept and Sunifiram are generally deemed safe for human supplementation, it still best to first consult your supplementation plans with your doctor.

The recommended dosages for Noopept supplementation is set at 5 to 10 milligrams daily, which is the same doses recommended for Sunifiram.

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