Noopept vs Piracetam: Comparing Properties and Abilities


Noopept is one of the more potent nootropics and it is often quoted as being 1,000 times more powerful than the first smart drug ever synthesized, Piracetam. Some distributors of generic Noopept powders even go as far as saying that the purity of their product makes it up to 5,000 times more potent than Piracetam. Someone who has little experience and knowledge about nootropic will likely assume that this statement means that more potent nootropics translate to more effective smart drugs.

When it comes to nootropics and smart drugs however, more potent does not necessarily mean better.  Even the “more potent” claims in comparison to Piracetam seem to attest to this as you’ll hardly find any of the comparisons saying that Noopept is better than Piracetam. Such a claim will surely receive dissenting opinions from a good number of nootropic users who will still prefer Piracetam over Noopept.

If these two smart drugs were to be compared to one another, which one will be deemed as a better nootropic? Let us examine Noopept vs Piracetam to see how each one measures up against the other.


PhenylpiracetamThe whole industry of nootropics owes Piracetam a great deal, because even the term “nootropic” was coined after this smart drug was synthesized. Piracetam was first synthesized in 1964 by Dr. Corneliu Giurgia while he was working for UCB, a multi-national pharmaceutical company based in Brussels, Belgium. Its ability to improve memory and the cognitive processes in the brain, as well as its low toxicity led Dr. Giurgia to coin the term “nootropic” to refer to such substances. Despite being the very first racetam nootropics, Piracetam still remains as one of the most trusted nootropics today.

The following are the properties, benefits, and disadvantages of Piracetam supplementation.


  • It has been proven as an effective nootropic through a number of studies.
  • It has also shown the ability to affect learning skills for the better.
  • It can improve focus, attention, and concentration.
  • It has been proven to be effective in delaying, stopping, and even preventing the onset of cognitive decline.
  • It can help the brain repair itself from damage caused by substance abuse like drug addiction, alcoholism, and even smoking.
  • It has proven neuroprotective properties.
  • It has been found to be synergistic with other smart drugs.
  • It can be taken along with other nootropics to achieve better results.
  • It is well-tolerated and safe even in extremely high dosages.
  • It is easy to get a hold of it.
  • It is cheap.


  • You’ll need to take large dosages in order for its abilities as a smart drug to take effect.
  • The effect may take days to become noticeable.
  • The effects are mild.
  • It works better for individuals with some sort of cognitive impairment.
  • It comes with a few unpleasant side effects.


NOOPEPTThis smart drug was developed in Russia, where it was patented in 1995. It has since been prescribed throughout Europe as a smart drug for a variety of neurological conditions. Noopept was actually a peptide derivative of the racetam molecule, which means that its structure is related somewhat to Piracetam. Much like other peptide supplements, Noopept has poor bioavailability when taken via oral administration. However, it has been reported to have high bioavailabiity when administered through other routes like sublingually or through vaporized nasal sprays. It also shares some of the mechanism of action as Piracetam.


  • It is more potent than Piracetam.
  • It takes lower doses for its cognitive enhancing abilities to take effect.
  • It appears to have the same effects as Piracetam.
  • The effects are stronger than Piracetam and can be felt in a short time after ingestion.
  • It also has neuroprotective abilities.
  • It seems to have a low tolerance potential.
  • It is effective in both cognitively impaired and healthy individuals.


  • It is more expensive than Piracetam.
  • Taking it can be rather tricky due to low dosage requirements.
  • It has been known to cause brain fog and fatigue.
  • Its side effects are more pronounced.

Comparing the properties and abilities of Noopept vs Piracetam, each one has its own abilities that will definitely be appealing to someone who is looking to enhance his or her cognitive functions. Due to varying sensitivities and requirements in a nootropic, it is virtually impossible to establish which one is better. Ultimately, it will be the user who can determine which one will suit his or her nootropic needs.

The daily recommended dose for Piracetam is between 1.2 and 4.8 grams, while Noopept doses are set between 5 to 15 milligrams per day.

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