Noopept: A Strong Cholinergic Nootropic for Acetylcholine Receptors


Noopept is a improved and reliable cholinergic nootropic. It is similar to piracetam and the racetam family but is actually a nootropic dipeptide. Its structure makes it able to be absorbed in the gut unlike nootropic peptides like cerebrolysin that need to be taken intravenously.

Over the years noopept has become one of the most famous nootropic supplements. Its price has come down drastically, and this has made it become one of the most affordable nootropics per dosage. In terms of potency, noopept is near 1000 times as powerful as piracetam. This is reflected in the small dosage that is needed in regards to many of the racetams.

How does it work?

Noopept works to increase the efficacy of acetylcholine receptors. Acetylcholine, an important cognitive neurotransmitter is partly responsible for learning, memory, focus and coordination. Influencing how acetylcholine receptors in the brain work is the primary way in which this nootropic works. It is considered to be a strong cholinergic which means it mainly affects the acetylcholine rather than other parts of the brain.

This nootropic may also be similar to aniracetam because it may affect certain serotonin receptors. The observation has been seen in animals and noopept seems to exhibit an anxiolytic effect which may or may not be repeated in humans.

What to expect

Taking noopept will have many benefits. It is a nootropic that is highly recommended out of the cholinergic class because it works quickly and very powerfully. If one experiences benefits from piracetam and other racetams, noopept will likely promote some benefit.

Most people who start taking noopept experience an increase in sensory perception as a first symptom of cognitive improvement. This is because acetylcholine receptors are mainly responsible in visual perception. Many people who take cholinergic describe this effect as “an enhancement in the vibrancy of colors.” You may or may not experience this effect and just because you do not mean that the nootropic is not working to improve cognitive functioning.

Often, people who start taking noopept will experience results within the first week. Many people will see cognitive improvements almost instantaneously however the nootropic may have cumulative effects like piracetam. If taken for long enough, it can actually work in the opposite way and produce tolerance. This tolerance is not usually addictive or dangerous however it may lead the supplement to be ineffective if not cycled properly.


The benefits of noopept will become mainly apparent especially in those who already experience cholinergic deficits. Benefits may include an increase in both working and spatial memory as well as learning and memory. Focus and communication skills may be improved however this depends on the person. Noopept has also been suggested to improve communication between the left and right hemispheres of the brain that is believed to be primarily responsible for creativity.

Overall, noopept is an excellent and extremely powerful nootropic to improve learning and memory, as well as focus. It is perhaps one of the most powerful to modulate acetylcholine receptor that differs from other cholinergic racetams like pramiracetam and coluracetam which work to increase choline uptake at the acetylcholine receptors.

Common benefits:untitled

  • Increase in learning
  • Improved working memory
  • Improved spatial memory
  • Enhanced focus
  • Increased communication skills
  • Enhanced logic
  • Improved creatively
  • Reduction in anxiety

Side effects & safety

Many people wonder about the safety in the long term use of noopept. Concern comes with a low dosage required for this nootropic. Since only a very small amount needed, it becomes much easier to dose much higher than recommended. It is not uncommon for an inexperienced user to use more than double the dosage required for them. This can lead to some very nasty and uncomfortable side effects.

Noopept is a very stable and safe nootropic. It does not have any known serious or fatal side effects, but one should still be cautious with its use. Changing the cholinergic (acetylcholine) system can cause a range of side effects depending on the person. This may include severe headache, depression and even brain fog.

It is important to know that all neurotransmitters are related and that raising cholinergic activity may cause other cognitive neurotransmitters like dopamine to be lowered or changed. This is why some people who take cholinergic nootropics may experience adverse effects. Before taking noopept you should understand your body and brain as everyone is different.

Common side effects

  • Headaches
  • Irritability
  • Brain fog
  • Depersonalization
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Depression


Noopept goes very well with stacks however it is not advisable to stack with other weaker allosteric modulators of acetylcholine receptors. For instance, stacking noopept with piracetam may not offer much more benefit and may increase the chance of side effects.

On the other hand, noopept may go extremely well with supplements that enhance choline or acetylcholine. It combines very well with alpha GPC and citicoline and adding in centrophenoxine or ALCAR may also help to enhance cholinergic mechanisms.

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