Nootropics vs ADHD Psychostimulants

Nootropics vs ADHD Psychotimulants

Nootropics, in comparison to ADHD stimulant prescription drugs are much less powerful, yet are also largely devoid of excess side effects. With ADHD stimulants, you get a fast long-lasting burst of euphoric energy that can last for up to twelve hours, followed by a horrible debilitating crash. Though the uprising with these prescription medications is extremely potent, and truly helps one’s focus and willpower for their mechanism of action the side effects are uncomfortable, there is a risk of addiction, tolerance and withdrawal, and they’re more for focus than a total cognitive package. With nootropics, these have almost no side effects, and while they’re much more subtle in stimulation and focus than something like Adderall or Ritalin, over the long-term they pose no risk of addiction or withdrawal, and even get stronger (in the case of the racetams) as they build up in your system over time.

Examples of Stimulating Nootropics

Adrafinil– Adrafinil is the pro-drug of Modafinil and is 99% as potent as the schedule IV prescription drug. Only benefit, Adrafinil is an entirely legal alternative, and takes just 2/3 days to ship rather than 21 days if you order from a sketchy, illegal overseas pharmacy. Adrafinil metabolizes to Modafinil in the liver, and does not require choline like many other nootropic supplements. When you take an Adrafinil, you’ll get up to 12 hours of crisp, clean, focus and energy.

Phenylpiracetam- Phenylpiracetam is slightly weaker than Adrafinil in overall potency, duration and Focus benefits, however, it has any benefits on working memory and vision that Adrafinil lacks. Phenylpiracetam is Piracetam with an added “Phenyl” molecule (think Phenylalanine and its relevance to dopamine) which allows it to slightly target the dopamine receptors in the brain. It is sold under the brand names carphedron and Phenotropil.

Noopept-  Noopept is an extremely potent nootropic drug that is quoted in medical literature as 1000 times stronger than the original smart drug, Piracetam. Noopept is also a mood-dependent and cholinergic nootropic, so be sure to use choline. Mood-dependent, in a smart drug, means that it amplifies whatever mood you’re already in, if you’re tired and depressed, Noopept will feed into this, if you’re happy and upbeat however, Noopept will only add fuel to the fire, be sure to keep this in mind when using Noopept. Typical Dosages range from 10-30 milligrams taken 1-3 times daily.

Examples of Psychostimulants

Adderall- Adderall is the cream of the crop with regards to ADHD medication. When you take an Adderall, for the twelve hours you’re on it, you’re golden, you are the absolute smartest person in the room. Adderall is literally the definition of “steroids for the brain.” Only problem with Adderall is….very much like actual steroids in fact, that once you get off the Adderall, you endure a horrid crash, withdrawal symptoms, buildup of tolerance, and depression that causes cravings for more amphetamines. Nootropics are the much safer, long-term alternative.

Ritalin-Very similar to Adderall in effects. Made up of methylphenidate rather than dextroamphetamine, nearly as powerful. Ritalin has a very annoying downside in that it only lasts for 2 to 3 hours per pill, then you have to redose.

Final Thoughts

While they may not be as powerful, nootropics are the much better, much safer alternative to prescription ADHD medications. With something like Adrafinil or Phenylpiracetam, there’s no risk of addiction, and you can be smarter without harming your natural state of homeostasis!


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