Oxiracetam: A Better Known Stimulant Among Racetam Nootropics


Oxiracetam is a cognitive enhancing agent from the racetam class of nootropics. It is one of the more popular and preferred cognitive enhancers from the racetam family primarily because of its effectiveness and very low toxicity profile. Oxiracetam gives the user the basic benefits from supplementation with racetams such as improved memory, learning skills, and logical reasoning.

What makes sets this racetam apart from the others is that its nootropic effects appear to be amplified in the areas of learning, logical reasoning, memory, attention, alertness, and concentration. This is also the reason why Oxiracetam is a favorite among users who are taking nootropics as a study aid. Oxiracetam has the strongest stimulatory effect among the racetam class of nootropics. Its stimulating effects however, are mild and smooth compared to better known stimulants like amphetamines and xanthenes, which gives you an edgy and jittery stimulation.

Oxiracetam was one of the very first nootropics to be developed. It came right after Piracetam, technically the first ever nootropic, and Aniracetam. First appearing in medical literature in 1977, Oxiracetam has been found to be more potent than Piracetam. Although it is structurally different compared to Piracetam, its mechanism of action appears to be cholinergic, affecting the Acetylcholine activity in the brain. Almost all racetams affect the Acetylcholine activity in some way.

Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter believed to be responsible for most of the cognitive processes in the brain like memory, logical reasoning, and verbal fluency. Having been studied for its effects on the brain and the central nervous system, Oxiracetam supplementation has been proven to delay, stop, and even reverse cognitive decline.

Despite having stimulatory effects, Oxiracetam has also been found to promote a smooth flow of thought, which goes very well with its ability to enhance cognitive functions. Although there are limited studies about the effects of Oxiracetam on human supplementation, the available data are mostly positive. Oxiracetam has been proven to improve long term memory, the ability to focus, logical reasoning, alertness, and verbal fluency. It has also been used to with some success as a preventive therapy for senile dementia.

OxiracetamAs a study aid, Oxiracetam appears to be tailor made for students for its ability to increase an individual’s contextual learning skills. Some students who supplement regularly with Oxiracetam report that along with learning skills, it also makes their analytical skills and reasoning abilities better.  Another unique ability that has been observed in Oxiracetam is that it may also have antioxidant properties that helps protect the brain from free radical damage. Some research also indicates that Oxiracetam may help recovering alcoholics to repair their cognitive functions that may have been impaired by alcohol abuse.

Oxiracetam has one of the longest half-lives in the racetam family, which is approximated at around eight hours. While this may appear to be a good thing, it can also cause insomnia if Oxiracetam were taken close to bedtime since it has stimulating properties. Those who are sensitive to stimulants may even experience sleeplessness even if they supplemented with Oxiracetam earlier in the day. Individuals with hypertension may also want to opt for another racetam. Oxiracetam also shares the same side effects that are common to racetams like headaches, dizziness, nausea, and upset stomach.


  1. It has been proven as an effective cognitive enhancer.
  2. It is an excellent study aid.
  3. It has smooth stimulatory effects.
  4. It has neuroprotective abilities.
  5. It can help manage cognitive decline.


  1. Its stimulatory effects can cause insomnia.
  2. It may not be the right cognitive enhancer for those who are sensitive to stimulants.
  3. It has unpleasant side effects.

Oxiracetam has been observed to be synergistic with Amphetamine, Nicotine, and Physostigmine. It stacks well with Acetylcholinesterase inhibitors, choline, and even other racetams. The recommended daily dosage for Oxiracetam supplementation is between 500 to 2,500mg a day. It is best taken first thing in the morning or when you are about to start your day. Although Oxiracetam is safe and is well-tolerated, it is still best to consult first with your physician before starting with supplementation.

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