Picamilon – The Remarkable Nootropic Drug


The nootropic N-nicotinyl-γ-aminobutyric acid (famously called GABA) is also known as picamilon in the market. Other commercial names for this drug are Pikamilon and Pycamilon. It is a mixture of niacin and GABA from the structural point of view.

Niacin happens to be the famous Vitamin B, and it is an essential nutritional vitamin. An imperative vitamin is one which the body cannot synthesize, and that has to be acquired from an outside source. This vitamin naturally found in peanuts, cereals, meat and primarily in the other cereals as well. GABA plays an important role in the excitability of neurons because it is the major inhibitory neurotransmitter in the central nervous system (CNS). It became available for use in the late 1970s after initially being produced by the All-Union Vitamins Scientific Research Institute in the late 1960s. This scientific institute was located in the now disintegrated Union of Soviet Socialist Republics otherwise known as the USSR. In some countries, it’s used as a prescription for various medical conditions. However, its primary use should be that of supplementing the diet.

How does it work?

The hybrid structure between niacin and GABA is believed to pass across the blood-brain barrier more smoothly. It is hydrolysed back to the GABA and niacin after crossing the barrier. Interestingly, the molecules that make pycamilon work in ways that are entirely different. Niacin causes vasodilation by releasing the smooth muscle cells. This widens the blood vessels leading to improvement in blood flow in the cerebrum, which in turn enhances the delivery of nutrients to the brain. Improved cognitive function is assumed to be the net effect. On the other hand, GABA, as expected, directly works on its receptors that are present on the neurons. The neurotransmitter targeted by the GABA is inhibitory in nature and as such it produces the calming, anti-anxiety properties that are identified with picamilon.

This nootropic drug picamilon is much more effectual than niacin and GABA when they are administered separately. Research have also recommended that it is a much more supreme drug when it comes to increasing the blood flow, more than its related compounds such as vinpocetine, papaverine, hydergine, dihydroergotoxin and complamin.

Picamilon’s benefits

picamilonPicamilon is primarily used to treat cerebral insufficiency in ageing people. It is frequently prescribed for patients suffering from stroke or those who are at an increased risk of getting stroke. More contemporary studies have begun testing its effectiveness in treating patients with traumatic brain injury. It may also be useful in treating ophthalmological conditions, such as retinopathy or glaucoma, due to its effect on vasculogenesis and blood supply.

Utilized as a nootropic, it’s thought to enhance mood, improve mental alertness and to promote relaxation in a healthy individual. In patients with neurological conditions, it is useful for treating chronic fatigue, migraine, anxiety, and depression, which are common complaints in such people. It achieves these effects without the usual mental cloudiness and unpleasant jittery feelings that are reported with other similar nootropics according to users that is. It does not result to lethargy, relaxation, or drowsiness akin to tranquilizer drugs much as it possesses a calming effect. Many people prefer it to hydergine, but some like to stack it with other nootropics.

Picamillon side effects

It has been safely utilized for over 40 years. It does not contain potential carcinogenic (cancer causing) threat in addition to having low toxicity. It may cause nausea, dizziness and headache which are as much as it’s reported with regards to picamilon’s side effects.

Picamilon dosage

OSCDSVh_1_large1-300x233This drug is available in capsular form normally in 150g doses. Moreover, it also existed in 100, 200 and 500 mg doses.  It is sold in powder form that is soluble in liquid, and that can be blended with juice or water. Doses of 50-100 mg practiced two or three times a day are standard. The mixture is quickly absorbed within the body and, as a result, many people feel its effects within an hour of taking it.

It may be necessary to reduce picamilon’s dosage in order to reduce the above-mentioned side effects if taken with other nootropics. Remarkable people noticed that picamilon made them sluggish, but an extended dose may improve this effect. On the contrary, those that discover that it makes them too jittery should look at lowering the number of times they take it during the day or the dose.

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