Learn About Profiderall – A Popular Psychostimulant


Profiderall is a brand of supplement that is being marketed as a cognitive enhancer. Sold as a dietary supplement, this brand claims to help in enhancing the cognitive processes of the brain like focus, memory, concentration, and overall mental performance. It is hard to miss the obvious marketing ploy for this brand as its name appears to suggest that it is somehow related to Adderall, a popular psychostimulant that is usually prescribed for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy.

The popularity of Adderall can also be credited partly to its notoriety as a recreational drug and the Profiderall brand is definitely not scrimping not only on playing upon brand name associations, but likewise in suggesting that Profiderall has the same, but milder effects as Adderall. This of course is entirely false.

Profiderall is being marketed and distributed by a company called Profiderall LLC. Little is known about the company apart from it being registered in the state of Nevada in October 2009. Its principal is listed as Matthew Joseph Lester from Sta. Monica, CA. While there is an existing website for the product, there is very little to no information about the company’s manufacturing practices and facilities or where and how they get their ingredients for Prodiferall.

While the product’s website claims that what they did was to pair “smart drugs” with “powerful energy compounds.” A quick look at its label will reveal that there isn’t anything in the bottle that can be considered as “drugs” nor are there components that are befitting of the title “powerful energy compounds.”

ProfiderallFor cognitive enhancement, the ingredients of Profiderall that may actually have an effect on the user would be choline, which unfortunately is in the not so bioavailable bitartrate form; vinpocetine, huperzine a, DMAE bitartrate, and perhaps l-tyrosine. This comprises its proprietary blend that it calls “cognitive energy complex.” The rest of the ingredients are a cocktail of Vitamin B complexes, a few amino acids, and of course, caffeine. The “cognitive energy complex” blend only has about 466mg, so one can easily surmise that its most cognitive enhancing ingredients are in amounts that are below the recommended dosages.

Cutting to the chase, Profiderall isn’t something that an experienced nootropic user will take seriously. Its internet marketing ploy, as well as its method of selling the product actually screams rip-off. While there are a couple of meticulously crafted “PR” bits giving the product rave reviews, as well as well-placed comments by “satisfied” users, anyone who knows their nootropics will conclude that Prodiferall has as much cognitive enhancing value as a bagel. As for Prodiferall being a milder alternative to Adderall, the difference between the two is more like night and day during the winter solstice.


  1. It is cheap
  2. It has loads of Vitamin B complexes
  3. It comes in a nice bottle
  4. It has a legitimate looking website


  1. It may not work as a cognitive enhancer
  2. It is made by a virtually unknown entity
  3. It may be a waste of time
  4. You still have to pay for it

Profiderall is obviously something made for people who don’t know much about nootropics and cognitive enhancement. If you have the money and time to burn to try in just for kicks, then go knock yourself out with it. However, if you have neither, then skip it.

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