Pterostilbene – An Outstanding Antioxidant


There isn’t a compound that is more related in chemical terms to resveratrol. Pterostilbene gives a lot of neuroprotective advantages in addition to promoting the cognition, as a nootropic. It is found in miniscule amounts in foods like grapes and blueberries. You may need to eat a whooping five hundred cartons of grapes before you can elicit real benefits from it. Chemically speaking, they belong to a distinct family of compounds that are delivered by plants to battle diseases. The chemicals are constructed by plants called phytoalexins. It can either be bought as an individual supplement or can be found in stacks such as Alpha Brain.

It is double methylated, and that is the primary difference between it and resveratrol. Its half-life is between 78 minutes to 104 minutes. Additionally, it shows a terrific bio-availability rate. An indication of this is that the drug enters the cell very quickly as well as showing resilience to degradation and obviously elimination from the body. The pterostilbene is cogitated as a being an anti-inflammatory besides working as an anti-oxidant too. It also shows anti-viral as well as anti-fungal properties in plants.

Does it have Benefits?

This drug has been shown to work correctly when stacked with resveratrol. When you look at the effects of restriction of normal calorie, then you will discover why this holds true. As a matter of fact, Pterostilbene, is involved in the direct activation of genes in the calorie restriction cycle while resveratrol appears to activate genes close to the start of the cycle’s molecular process. The two supplements possess a host of health benefits that may include prevention of cancer if stacked together.

PterostilbeneThe drug is also an outstanding anti-inflammatory agent. Remarkably, this happens to be an effect that is basically credited to the restriction of calories. Its other effect is to alter many essential enzymes that take part in glucose regulation. This action of pterostilbene scales down the amount of dangerous proteins that may have been damaged by glucose. Pterostilbene has the capacity to lower the level of glucose in the blood and even reduce the level of cholesterol if it is raised. The whole point of these effects is to cushion the arteries against atherosclerosis. Furthermore, the drug is also effective in reducing oxidative stress that is a very integral component of protecting the heart from diseases.

Most importantly, evidence has been gathered which suggests that this drug can be utilized to treat Alzheimer’s condition in addition to other cognitive decline conditions that are related to age. In 2012, a study was published in ‘Neurobiology of Ageing’ suggested that the aptitude of the drug to cushion against inflammation may be the fundamental reason as to why it can preserve the cognitive functions. In addition, it is considered as being effective when it gets to prevent the loss of dopamine from the brain hence positively affecting memory.

A number of preliminary researches have indicated that this drug may have anti-cancer advantages. A research has, for instance, pointed out that this drug can deter the growth of cancerous cells the expansion of their cycles by prompting apoptosis (death of cells) besides preventing the spread of the same from one body part to another one.

Pterostilbene Dosage

If you consider the various studies that have been done on this drug, it can be concluded that its optimal dosage range is between 50mg and 250mg per day. The safest way to take a supplement is by dividing it into two doses, of which one should be used in the morning while the other one during the mid to late afternoon. The reason it split up because it has a short half-life. Therefore, taking it two times in a day sees to it that its supply in the body does not run out.

It is also imperative that the supplement that you taking is pure. This is because there are unscrupulous manufacturers who nowadays include a number of additives. It is also advisable that one starts with a dose that is low before gradually working him/herself up. This allows one’s body to become adjusted to the drug.

Possible Side Effects

Well, this drug seemingly does not have side effects. There is no research that have indicated any side effects. However, you do not want to take chances, and that is why it is still prudent that you start with a small dosage of it.

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