Neuroprotective Abilities of S-18986 Ampakine


S-18986 is the designated company code given to investigational new drug compound developed by Servier, one of the leading pharmaceutical companies to come out of France. The drug is categorized as an ampakine, a positive allosteric modulator of AMPA glutamate receptors. AMPA, which is short for α- Amino-3-hydroxy-5- methylisoxazole-4- propionic acid, are receptors that are believed to play a major role in the cognitive processes within the brain.

S-18986 is currently being studied extensively for its cognitive enhancing properties and a good portion of the studies are sponsored by Institut de Recherches Internationales Servier. While majority of the studies conducted on the compound are done with lab rats, there are a few human studies sponsored by the same institute, but the results of the studies are yet to be published.

Despite the lack of published human studies on S-18986, the results of the clinical studies on lab rats have so far produced generally positive results. As a matter of fact, there hardly is any study that even remotely questions the effectiveness of S-18986.  All of the published study seems to confirm that S-18986 is indeed an effective cognitive enhancer, at least as far as laboratory animals are concerned. What is even more interesting is that unlike other existing nootropics, S-18986 seems to work as effectively in both healthy mice and cognitively impaired mice in some of the clinical studies.

S-18986Laboratoires Servier is the developer of S-18986. This French pharmaceutical company was founded in 1954 in Orleans, France by Jacques Servier who is a doctor and a licensed pharmacist. Today its website claims that it is the leading independent French pharmaceutical company with branches in over 140 countries. The company is also the distributor of the Stablon brand of tianeptine, a mood stabilizer with a few cognitive enhancing effects.

Due to the lack of data as far as the cognitive enhancing effects of S-18986 on humans, one can only make assumptions as supplies of genuine S-18986 are still extremely difficult, if not impossible, to get hold of, even for the more resourceful members of the online community of nootropic users. This can also be pointed out as the reason while there are a few and limited discussions about S-18986 online.

In some of the discussions, some of the more knowledgeable nootropic users pointed out the similarity of the structures of S-18986 and IDRA-21, leading them to assume that the two may have similar effects. If that were true, then based on the reports from those who have sampled IDRA-21, S-18986 should also have the ability to provide a quick, but lasting enhancement in the cognitive processes of those who will take it such as in terms of memory retention and recall, ability to learn, sustained mental focus, improved concentration, and increased motivation. Although these assumptions may have been deduced from anecdotal reports from users of IDRA-21, these are the same effects observed from laboratory rats that were administered with S-18986.

Based also on the comparisons in the structures of S-18986 and IDRA-21, the syntheses used to create both substances are different, which will likely mean that there might be some differences in the effects of these two ampakines. Whether or not S-18986 will be better or inferior to IDRA-21, remains to be seen.


  1. It appears to be very effective in clinical trials.
  2. It shows promise as a treatment and management for cognitive impairment.
  3. Studies suggest that it also has the neuroprotective abilities.
  4. It is a subject of numerous studies, which means that it may be released soon.


  1. There are no data available yet for human studies.
  2. It is impossible to get a hold of for now.
  3. Its structure implies that it underwent complex synthesis, which means that it may have high price tag once it is released.

Since supplies of the drug appear to be limited only to those who are provided by Servier with it, the nootropic community can only sit back and wait for further developments involving S-18986.

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