Selegiline – An Effective Dopaminergic Drug for Parkinson’s Disease


Selegeline is a type of drug that works as an inhibitor of monoamine oxidase enzymes and it is prescribed primarily for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease, dementia, and depression. When prescribed in low dosages, this drug effectively acts as a MAO-B inhibitor. In larger doses however, it loses it selectivity and also inhibits MAO-A. It is common practice to have a specialized diet, with restrictions to some types of food when undergoing MAOI treatments. With Selegiline however, a specialized diet is no longer required especially if it is administered the transdermal patch form of the drug even in standard doses.

This drug can be used on its own as a therapeutic treatment for Parkinson’s disease. It can also be used along with other drugs and supplements like Levodopa. Those who have been diagnosed early or are found to be prone to developing Parkinson’s disease can benefit from regular supplementation with Selegiline as studies have shown it to have the ability to delay and even prevent the progression of the disease.

Selegiline was discovered by a research team led by József Knoll in Hungary back in the 1930s. Also known as L-Deprenyl, it usually comes in near white, to white crystalline powder form. Apart from the way of administering via transdermal patch, Selegiline is available in 5mg tablets for oral administration. The drug is being sold under the brand names Emsam (transdermal patch), Atapryl, Eldepryl, and Zelapar. Selegiline can only be bought in the US legally with a prescription.

Selegiline ReviewThis drug is classified as a phenethylamine, a category of drugs that are known to have psychotropic and stimulant properties. Exact mechanism of action of Selegiline is not fully understood, but its inhibiting action against the monoamine oxidase B enzyme is believed to play a major role in its general effect.

Selegiline gained popularity as a therapeutic drug for Parkinson’s in the 1990s where it became the standard treatment for the disease. It was during this decade when several studies show that Selegiline is a better treatment option for Parkinson’s disease compared to Levodopa. As a MAO inhibitor, Selegiline is very effective in helping raise the levels of Dopamine in the brain, which results to a number of benefits including neuroprotection and even the reversal of cognitive decline due to ageing. Aside from being popular as a drug for Parkinson’s disease, Selegiline has been the subject of numerous studies that is investigating is supposed longevity promoting abilities.

As far as its nootropic abilities are concerned, Selegiline is very effective in terms of raising the Dopamine levels in the central nervous system. Dopamine is a neuroendocrine transmitter in the brain believed to be responsible in promoting a positive mood. It is oftentimes referred to as the “feel good” hormone. This neurotransmitter is also believed to affect some cognition functions as well as motivation. Those who use Selegiline for cognitive enhancement report that the drug helps them focus and remain motivated to accomplish a given task. According to other users, Selegiline is helpful in keeping their concentration and mental energy up, which can be helpful when preparing for exams, presentations, or job interviews.

The downside of using Selegiline for any purpose is that its MAO B inhibiting properties is dose dependent and that in higher doses it may not be as effective and even have the opposite effect. Due to varying drug sensitivities, anyone can run the risk of taking too much of Selegiline. This drug is also metabolized in the liver, which means that it may not be ideal for long term supplementation. Studies have shown that it also has quite a few drug interactions and these drugs include Pethidine and SSRIs. Among its reported side effects are upset stomach, dizziness, headache, and dry mouth.


  1. It is an effective Dopaminergic drug.
  2. It can help stabilize your mood, enhance your mental focus, and give you added mental energy.
  3. It has neuroprotective abilities.
  4. It has a lot of side benefits.
  5. It may actually promote longevity.


  1. It is available only via prescription.
  2. It may be toxic to the liver.
  3. It is expensive.
  4. Determining your optimal dose can be tricky and dangerous.

While Selegiline may pose a lot of promise both as life extension drug and as a nootropic, the risks involved in its supplementation are quite significant. It is because of this reason that you are strongly advised to consult a physician first before you start supplementing with Selegiline.

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