The Last Longer Nootropic Effects of Sunifiram


Having been developed only in the early 2000s, sunifiram is easily one of the more recent drugs to be introduced into the nootropic line of supplements. One of the main reasons why sunifiram caught the attention of the community of nootropic users is that, initial studies indicate that its potency is estimated to be up to 1,000 times more than that of piracetam. While some mistakenly consider it to be part of the racetam family, it is more of an ampakine as its actions are focused on interacting with the AMPA receptors in the brain. Initial studies show that its anti-amnesiac effects are several times more powerful and effective than that of piracetam.

To date, there isn’t any other nootropic drug that can come close to the potency of sunifiram apart from unifiram, which is very similar to it in both structure and action. As a matter of fact some of those who are seeking out unifiram often end up settling with sunifiram as it is much cheaper and more readily available. Even though there is still very little data to support claims from early users of this nootropic, it is believed to have a more potent effect as a nootropic.

SUNIFIRAMThose who have tried using sunifiram as a nootropic supplement often compare its effects to nefiracetam, a nootropic that is derived from piracetam, only the effects are more intense and are more lasting with sunifiram. Users of sunifiram report of a greatly enhanced memory retention and recall, improved focus, increased ability to learn, better mental clarity and focus, faster and more efficient logical reasoning, and a finely tuned cognitive processes all in all. These positive effects are observed to also last longer than most other nootropics, including the later generation racetams. Unlike nefiracetam, which requires a steady dosing of at least a week before the effects become noticeable, a single dosing of sunifiram is potent enough to take full and intense effect.

One of the main downsides to sunifiram supplementation according to early some of the early users is that its stimulating effect is similar to a caffeine stim in the sense that you’ll feel a bit jittery and on edge. Apart from this, sunifiram apparently shares the same negative effects as the later generation racetams like headaches, dizziness, nausea, sleeplessness, and upset stomach. While it is not that difficult to get your hands on sunifiram supplements, it is worth noting that the current market value of this nootropic as more than twice the prices of phenylpiracetam and coluracetam.


  1. Very potent.
  2. Readily available.
  3. Has a more intense nootropic effect
  4. Has a more lasting effect than common racetams.


  1. Expensive.
  2. Stim effect is not smooth.
  3. Has very little data supporting claims by users.
  4. Shares the same negative effects of racetams.

Because there is very little data available on sunifiram, the exact dosing for human consumption is not yet established. Current users have set its dosing in between 5 to 10mg a day and the administration is either oral or sublingual. Toxic levels for humans has not been determined yet, although studies suggest that it is safe for humans even in very large doses. Compared to unifiram, sunifiram is far more available with the brand Liftmode selling it in pharmaceutical grade powder form at



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